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Backflow Valve Testing

Backflow occurs when water flows opposite to its normal or intended direction.Under normal conditions water flows in one direction,from the main water system in to the pipes of your property. When the normal flow of water is reversed it is referred to as backflow.

Backflow can result in a public health risk if it allows pollutants or contaminants such as chemicals to enter the drinking water supply from your property.

Backflow devices installed in High or Medium risk properties must be registered with your authorised water authority and tested annually by a registered qualified backflow tester. These test results must be given to the water authority within 5 working days of being tested.

The property owner is responsible to arrange a suitably qualified person to conduct ongoing annual servicing and testing of testable backflow prevention devices and lodge the test results forms with the relevant water corporation.

If the property owner fails to comply with the notice issued by the water corporation to repair, maintain, test, replace or install the backflow prevention containment device, the water corporation in accordance with the Water Act 1989* may remove or disconnect the water supply to the property or carry out the required maintenance works and recover from the property owner all reasonable costs applicable.

At Repair Plumbing we maintain detailed records of each property that is tested.This allows us to schedule annual testing services to ensure compliance with the local water Corporation which means less work for you.

We are a Melbourne based company specialising in the testing, repair and installation of Commercial, Industrial and domestic back flow prevention systems. We can also install and test Registered Air Gaps and Registered Break Tanks.

We service all suburbs in Metropolitan melbourne & Mornington Peninsula.

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