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Thermostatic Mix Valves (TMV)

In the home and in certain businesses there is a need for protection from the danger of scalding caused by hot water.

This is why we install Tempering and Thermostatic Mixing valves.

These valves provide water at a safe and usable temperature coming out of the mixed water outlet.

It works by blending and regulating Hot & Cold water temperatures.

Installing these devices is only the first step to guard against scalding from hot water.Without regular testing and servicing of these valves malfunctions can occur and have devastating effects. According to AS 4032.3-2004 Tempering valves and Thermostatic mixing valves should have a frequency of field testing of not more than 12 months.

Thermostatic and Tempering valve testing is an extremely crucial and necessary procedure to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

It is in your best interests as a business owner to ensure that this testing is done on your plumbing system.

We here at Repair Plumbing are fully qualified and registered with the Victorian Building Authority to install, test and commission these valves to comply with the relevant safety codes and standards.

On completion of the testing a report will be produced and copies shall be:

We will also send you yearly periodic schedule reminders so all you need to do is let us know when is the best time to schedule your next service.

So call us now to schedule your next testing appointment!


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