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Drain Blockages

Having drainage problems?

Blocked drains overflowing in the garden, toilets backing up, slow running sinks, standing in a blocked shower? These are all signs of a blocked drainage system.

Raw sewage backing up and overflowing presents a real health hazard to you & your family.

There are many reasons that the drain or pipes can become blocked, a build up of hair particles, grease, sanitary items just some to name a few.

Using a quick fix chemical based drain cleaner, that will only give you a temporary fix & exposure to harsh chemicals, is not a long-term solution.

In Melbourne, the most common cause of blocked drains are tree roots.

Finding and fixing the cause of the blockage can be difficult without the right equipment. Cleaning the drain by a professional will provide you with a long term solution saving you time & money.

We do not only do sewer blockages, but also stormwater drains too.

This can be just as bad as severe leaks and overflows can have structure damaging potential to your property.

When you're faced with a blocked drain and you want a fast, reliable and professional plumber then call Repair Plumbing & fix it NOW!


We are a local plumbing and drain cleaning company with over 30+ years experience at your service 7 days a week.



When you're faced with a blocked drain and you want a Fast, Reliable & Professional plumber, then call us.

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Gas Fitting

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